I hope to get B2 status on the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language

I started learning Russian because I thought the Cyrillic alphabet was beautiful and I was learning on my own for a few months. I realised I was really struggling with pronunciation and making myself understood to native speakers, and that I needed a professional teacher. The lessons with Irina have been fantastic, I really enjoy them and I feel like I’m progressing quickly. I’m planning to travel to Russia this summer and do the trans Siberian railway. Long term I hope to get B2 status on the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language exam and study for a year in Moscow.


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My goal to be fluent in Russian

Kalinka Language School, Dublin


Des is a business development manager at Western Union. His wife is a Russian lady from Astrakhan. They lived together in Moscow for 2 years and moved back to Ireland in 2015. They are happy living in Ireland but intend to move back to Moscow to live and to work because they both liked living in Moscow when they were there. Moscow is a very beautiful city and it’s a good place to live and you can have a good standard of living there; that is why he is now studying Russian with Kalinka Language School in Dublin. He finds studying the Russian language quite difficult but also very enjoyable. The hardest part he says, is to learn the cases at the moment ” but I hope with hard work to improve and one day to be fluent in Russian.”

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My new students at Ballsbridge College, Dublin


… oh I am so lucky . Every time I have such wonderful people in my class.This time is no exception . My latest group of students are so keen to learn even more of the Russian language .


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The Russian Language Club Christmas Party





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Sparkling Christmas Party / The Russian Language Club in Dublin

 Dear friends and students, The Russian Language Club ”Kalinka” in Dublin invites you to a Sparkling Christmas Party in Olesya’s Wine Bar on the 8th of December at 7pm. Could you confirm your attendance , please? I hope to see you all there.

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The Russian Language Club – Russian Folk Singing

In 2016, on the basis of the Kalinka Language School, a Russian language club opened in Dublin. I remember our first meeting, exciting and long-awaited. I asked myself if I could interest people of different ages, foreign students with our conversations about Russian language , literature, music, history, and Russia in general. There were a lot of worries, but as soon as our first meeting happened, proposals from the students themselves poured out what subjects they were interested in to continue the Club.

On the 4th of November, 2017 in Dublin, we had our regular meeting of friends of the club of Russian language and culture, which was devoted to Russian folk singing. It was an unforgettable meeting that enriched the knowledge of foreign students about Russian folk singing, traditions and history. It was very pleasant that the students and guests showed a keen interest in the topic of the conversation.

This time, the meeting was attended by adult students from Ireland, Japan, Spain, Russia … As always there were many more who wanted to come to the club, but, unfortunately, sometimes circumstances do not allow everyone to attend every our meeting. And yet we were many, and the meeting was very pleasant and useful. Everybody listened with great interest to the presentation about Russian folk singing on the big screen, saw the Russian national costume, listened to different folklore Russian music, practiced Russian spoken language, performed creative assignments, communicated in Russian and English in a relaxed friendly atmosphere over a cup of tea.

 Student Siobhan sang Russian folk song, and students David, Anne and Shounid sang their folk songs in English.

Thank you very much to the people who helped our meeting to become bright and interesting! Many thanks to Tatyana Senkina and Larisa Tolmachyova for the provided costumes and products from Khokhloma.
Special thanks to the little Inezsochka and her mother Nadezhda Lagodina for the singing of Russian folk songs. It was very beautiful and cheerful! Many thanks to our Irish friend Mel for his help in organizing the club, and big thank you to my friends for their support! Everyone is great! Love you all!
See you soon again my dear friends! 🙂

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The Russian Language Club in Dublin

Kalinka Language School is proud to announce that our Russian Language Club will take place on the 4-th of November at 3pm at The Ireland Institute, The Pearse Street, Dublin 2.
The Club will bring all students from Kalinka Language School, Ballsbridge and Rathmines Colleges together and it will be opened to anyone who is studying the Russian language in Dublin and would like to improve their language skills and learn more about the Russian culture.
This time we will talk about Russian folk singing and it’s historical and cultural aspect. We are going to meet our old friends and make new ones. We will practice our Russian language, listen to old Russian folk songs and live singing of some of our students. Everybody will have a chance to see the Russian national costume. And as usual we will enjoy a cup of tea with delicious treats. Students of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities will have a chance to get to know each other better in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Contacts: 0858106793

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The Russian language class at Ballsbridge Further Education College, Dublin


The Russian language class with my new students at Ballsbridge College. I am so lucky having all these wonderful people in the class. They are Irish, Spanish and Italians. Students are full of curiosity and desire to learn the Russian language and speak well and they are iterested in Russian culture and traditions so much. Lets wish them good luck!

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The Russian Language Club in Dublin 22.04.2017

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Dear friends,

on the 22-nd of April we had our third Russian Language Club meeting in the Grand Canal Hotel in Dublin. I am so grateful to everyone who attended the Club. There were so many of you. Thank you so much!


This time we had lots of Irish students, there were also students from Germany, Russia, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Great Britain and New Zealand. I regret that some of my great students from Ireland, Spain and Japan couldn’t make the meeting.


Every time I try to make the Club interesting, informative and enjoyable for all the students and people who are interested in the Russian language, culture and history.
So, it took lots of time to prepare all the necessary materials, videos, photos and music.

This time we spoke about one of the greatest Russian writers Leo Tolstoy, his biography and his creative works, and also about Saint-Petersburg, the Northern Capital of Russia.



The presentation about Leo Tolstoy went very well, in my opinion, and everybody showed big interest in Leo Tolstoy’s biography. He had a really astonishing life, which was full of contradictions, seeking of the essence of being. The main ideas of his novels are: the victory of good over evil and non-resistance to evil by violence…


The most romantic moment in the presentation was a short video from the Russian movie ‘’War and Peace’’ by Sergei Bondarchuk – The First Dance of Natasha Rostova at the ball.


Students found out that Leo Tolstoy wrote not only such big and great novels like ’’War and Peace’’, ’’Anna Karenina’’, ’’ Resurrection’’, ‘’The Death of Ivan Ilyich’’ but he also wrote a lot of stories for children and these his short stories were loved by kids very much, in which, Leo Tolstoy as a teacher in his own established school, taught children the wisdom of life.

Students had a chance to read some short Tolstoy’s stories for children in Russian and these stories made all of us smile.


After all everybody enjoyed ‘’The Quiz’’ about Tolstoy’s life and students could check their knowledge about the writer and his creative works.

Then we talked about Saint-Petersburg. We remembered the history of the City, we watched video- film about Saint-Petersburg’s most beautiful attractions. I was so surprised that so many students have already visited this wonderful, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. So, they shared their impressions and observations in Russian and English languages and that was a good spoken Russian practice.

We sang a beautiful song about Saint-Petersburg all together and it was so enjoyable.  There was a cordial and unforgettable atmosphere of friendship. Everybody got closer to the Russian culture and opened a little bit the curtain to the world of Leo Tolstoy and at the same time to the Russian world.


After all students enjoyed their time chatting to each other, laughing, having a cup of tea and sweet treats, discussing future plans for The Club. 🙂

It was a really great time together! We are now waiting for our next meeting. 🙂


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