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High qualified, native-speaking Russian teacher available in Dublin to provide a personalised Russian language course for you or your group. Your teacher will carry out tailor-made lessons in your home or office, at the time that is most convenient for you – weekdays or weekends; morning, afternoon or evening. For busy individuals, we offer very flexible options for timetabling. Don’t miss your chance! Speak Russian for business or pleasure!
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I hope to get B2 status on the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language

Kalinka Language School, Dublin

I started learning Russian because I thought the Cyrillic alphabet was beautiful and I was learning on my own for a few months. I realised I was really struggling with pronunciation and making myself understood to native speakers, and that I needed a professional teacher. The lessons with Irina have been fantastic, I really enjoy them and I feel like I’m progressing quickly. I’m planning to travel to Russia this summer and do the trans Siberian railway. Long term I hope to get B2 status on the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language exam and study for a year in Moscow.





My goal to be fluent in Russian

Kalinka Language School, Dublin


Des is a business development manager at Western Union. His wife is a Russian lady from Astrakhan. They lived together in Moscow for 2 years and moved back to Ireland in 2015. They are happy living in Ireland but intend to move back to Moscow to live and to work because they both liked living in Moscow when they were there. Moscow is a very beautiful city and it’s a good place to live and you can have a good standard of living there; that is why he is now studying Russian with Kalinka Language School in Dublin. He finds studying the Russian language quite difficult but also very enjoyable. The hardest part he says, is to learn the cases at the moment ” but I hope with hard work to improve and one day to be fluent in Russian.”


My new students at Ballsbridge College, Dublin

… oh I am so lucky . Every time I have such wonderful people in my class.This time is no exception . My latest group of students are so keen to learn even more of the Russian language .

Ballsbridge College, Dublin


The Russian Language Club Christmas Party

8.12.2017, Dublin

The Russian Language Club in Dublin

Kalinka Language School is proud to announce that our Russian Language Club will take place on the 4-th of November at 3pm at The Ireland Institute, The Pearse Street, Dublin 2.
The Club will bring all students from Kalinka Language School, Ballsbridge and Rathmines Colleges together and it will be opened to anyone who is studying the Russian language in Dublin and would like to improve their language skills and learn more about the Russian culture.
This time we will talk about Russian folk singing and it’s historical and cultural aspect. We are going to meet our old friends and make new ones. We will practice our Russian language, listen to old Russian folk songs and live singing of some of our students. Everybody will have a chance to see the Russian national costume. And as usual we will enjoy a cup of tea with delicious treats. Students of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities will have a chance to get to know each other better in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Contacts: 0858106793


The Russian Language Class at Ballsbridge Further Education College, Dublin


The Russian language class with my new students in Ballsbridge College. I am so lucky having all these wonderful people in the class. They are Irish, Spanish and Italians. Students are full of curiosity and desire to speak Russian well and they are iterested in Russian culture and traditions so much. Lets wish them good luck!

Russian Language Club, Dublin


Dear friends, on the 22-nd of April we had our third Russian Language Club meeting in the Grand Canal Hotel in Dublin. I am so grateful to everyone who attended the Club. There were so many of you. Thank you so much!

This time we had lots of Irish students, there were also students from Germany, Russia, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Great Britain and New Zealand. I regret that some of my great students from Ireland, Spain and Japan couldn’t make the meeting.

Every time I try to make the Club interesting, informative and enjoyable for all the students and people who are interested in the Russian language, culture and history.
So, it took lots of time to prepare all the necessary materials, videos, photos and music.

This time we spoke about one of the greatest Russian writers Leo Tolstoy, his biography and his creative works, and also about Saint-Petersburg, the Northern Capital of Russia.

The presentation about Leo Tolstoy went very well, in my opinion, and everybody showed big interest in Leo Tolstoy’s biography. He had a really astonishing life, which was full of contradictions, seeking of the essence of being. The main ideas of his novels are: the victory of good over evil and non-resistance to evil by violence… The most romantic moment in the presentation was a short video from the Russian movie ‘’War and Peace’’ by Sergei Bondarchuk – The First Dance of Natasha Rostova at the ball.

Students found out that Leo Tolstoy wrote not only such big and great novels like ’’War and Peace’’, ’’Anna Karenina’’, ’’ Resurrection’’, ‘’The Death of Ivan Ilyich’’ but he also wrote a lot of stories for children and these his short stories were loved by kids very much, in which, Leo Tolstoy as a teacher in his own established school, taught children the wisdom of life.

Students had a chance to read some short Tolstoy’s stories for children in Russian and these stories made all of us smile.

After all everybody enjoyed ‘’The Quiz’’ about Tolstoy’s life and students could check their knowledge about the writer and his creative works.

Then we talked about Saint-Petersburg. We remembered the history of the City, we watched video- film about Saint-Petersburg’s most beautiful attractions. I was so surprised that so many students have already visited this wonderful, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. So, they shared their impressions and observations in Russian and English languages and that was a good spoken Russian practice.

We sang a beautiful song about Saint-Petersburg all together and it was so enjoyable. There was a cordial and unforgettable atmosphere of friendship. Everybody got closer to the Russian culture and opened a little bit the curtain to the world of Leo Tolstoy and at the same time to the Russian world.

After all students enjoyed their time chatting to each other, laughing, having a cup of tea and sweet treats, discussing future plans for The Club.

It was a really great time together! We are now waiting for our next meeting.


Russian language classes Review from Morgan, a student from New Zealand (Kalinka Language School in Dublin).


I am married to a Russian man and we have a two year old daughter Anna together. I began taking Russian classes with Irina six months ago with the hope of eventually being able to talk to my husband and his family in Russian. When I started the classes I only knew a few words in Russian. I am now able to read, write and even have simple conversations. Irina’s classes introduced me to the Russian language in small mangable pieces, allowing me to make consistent progress without feeling overwhelmed. I feel like I have learned a lot in a short space of time and I already feel more confident communicating with my husband’s family.

The Russian Language Class at Rathmines College


People who love to learn don’t depend only on classrooms or professors. They seek answers for every question, their minds are always clouded with ‘how’ and ‘why’.
Russian language class at Rathmines College last week (Improvers group). Every time this lovely group of students surprises me with interesting questions about the Russian language and history. 


The Russian Language Club meeting in Dublin

Kalinka Language School is proud to announce that our next Russian Language Club will take place on the 22nd of April at 3pm at Grand Canal Hotel, Dublin.
The Club will bring all students from Kalinka Language School, Ballsbridge and Rathmines Colleges together and is open to anyone studying Russian in Dublin who would like to improve their language skills and learn more about Russian culture.
We are going to talk about Leo Tolstoy and discuss interesting facts of his biography, at some point we will find ourselves in St. Petersburg and we will take a virtual trip around the City and its surroundings, and even sing a hymn of St. Petersburg. We will also enjoy the music of Russian composers during our Club meeting. Students of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities will have the chance to practice their Russian and get to know each other in a fun and friendly atmosphere.
Guests are always very welcome!
Contacts: 0858106793



15060483_1458561287491638_473790199_o-3Our first Russian Language Club took place in Grand Canal Hotel in Dublin yesterday.

Students from Kalinka Language School and Ballsbridge College gathered together the first time. In a friendly and cheerful atmosphere we got to know each other.


Students found out more about the greatest Russian poet A.Pushkin, beautifully recited his lyrical poems in Russian, enjoyed a cup of tea, laughed and discussed future Club plans.

We are really grateful to the Russian ambassador and the Russian Embassy in Ireland for the financial support of this event.





The Russian Language Courses for Beginners and Improvers at Ballsbridge and Rathmines Colleges, Dublin

Enrolling this week and the week from the 19.09.2016 on Monday and Tuesday.

The course aims to give students the basics of the language, culture and contemporary Russian society. Students will learn the Russian alphabet, to read and write simple texts. The emphasis will be on spoken language in every day scenarios to enable participants to communicate with native Russian speakers on holidays or in the workplace.


New 2016-2017 school year


Kalinka Language School is proud to announce that we will be running a Russian course for beginners in conjunction with Ballsbridge Further Education College and Rathmines College commencing in September.
The course aims to give students the basics of the language, culture and contemporary Russian society. Upon completion, students will have a good level of spoken Russian in a number of real-life situations and be able to read and write simple texts. The emphasis is on spoken language in every day scenarios to enable participants to communicate with native Russian speakers on holidays or in the workplace.
Contact us:
Mob. 085 8106793

Paddy about Kalinka Language School and Russian classes

Russian Language Class Review from Manuela


Russian Language Course comes to a successful end


With my students at Rathmines College. The sun is shining not only outside but in our hearts. We had the last class this school year. Good buy College till September!



With my Irish, English and Mexican students at Ballsbridge College. Russian language course. Thank you to my students for beautiful flowers!



Ballsbridge College, Dublin

February, 2016

With my students from Ireland, Spain, Syria and Brazil.



Two dreams became true

Daire is a Lawyer, he lives and works in Dublin but originally he is from County Kerry. 10 months ago he decided to study the Russian language just because he was curious about the language and he likes challenge. Earlier he heard that Russian is a difficult language to learn and he thought if he could learn to speak Russian. He never had a thought to go to Russia but when he saw the video of my another student Paddy on my site, telling about his trip to Russia, Daire became interested in visiting the country and its biggest cities Moscow and St. Petersburg… And… There we are… Today in this video Daire tells a little about St. Petersburg in Russian! Two dreams became true so quickly.


Russian course for beginners

Kalinka Language School is proud to announce that we will be running a Russian course for beginners in conjunction with Ballsbridge Further Education College  commencing in September. 1911946_681488731896702_1877818786_o
The course aims to give students the basics of the language, culture and contemporary Russian society. Upon completion, students will have a good level of spoken Russian in a number of real-life situations and be able to read and write simple texts. The emphasis is on spoken language in every day scenarios to enable participants to communicate with native Russian speakers on holidays or in the workplace. For further information, please follow the link below:   


With my students at RQF during the lecture, Dublin

July, 2015





Russian class with Ruth

June, 2015

IMG_7160Ruth, my Irish student, wanted to study the Russian language because of her Russian boyfriend and she also wanted to talk to his family. So, she did a research in the Internet and found my site  with the information about the Russian language courses for beginners at ’’Kalinka Language School’’ in Dublin.

Ruth contacted me and we arranged the Russian classes. She started her Russian classes 6 months ago and she made big progress since. Ruth says that she is really enjoying the classes although the Russian language is not an easy language to learn and if you want to achieve good results you need to put effort. She also likes doing something completely different, which is not related to work.

Russian Language Evening with my students Conor, Katya, Seonaid and Anne

May, 2015



At Irish Company Kerry in Naas


IMG_7258 2
Alexander represents Research and Development ( R&D ) for KERRY group in Russia. He is a Development Technologist for meat functional ingredients for the Russian market. Alexander is studying the Russian language to have better communication with Russian colleagues and clients for a successful business.

At Abbot Pharmaceutical Division


Today with my student Lydia, Quality Manager Global Audit and Compliance – Abbott Pharmaceutical Division
Lydia studying the Russian language to enable better communication with Russian QA colleagues. Responsible for managing quality audit program of suppliers and Contract manufacturers worldwide. Involved in Compliance initiatives, including local compliance initiatives with Abbott production facilities in Russia.


David about ”Kalinka” Language School in Dublin


My Irish students Anne, Seonaid and Conor in Moscow 

 French student Jessica


Complex but beautiful…

IMG_6005My name is Bart and I’ve been living in Dublin since 2012. I am from The Netherlands.  I moved to Dublin because of a job opportunity. I started studying the Russian language, because I want to be able to communicate with my girlfriend’s family and to learn more about the Russian culture. 


Russian is a very interesting language and quite different from both English and Dutch. Especially the beginning can be a big tough, because of the strange looking characters and unique sounds of vowels and consonants. The language is complex, but has beautiful characteristics. IMG_6004My goal is to become a fluent speaker of the Russian language and be able to read ”Master & Margarita” in Russian!


Gary, why did you decide to study the Russian language?

I decided to study the Russian language because I have some Russian speaking friends and I would like to speak to them in their language. I also think that if I know more foreign languages I might have better future prospects in my work. At the moment I am working for PayPal. It’s a good Company and it always needs people with different languages.


Have you ever been to Russia?

Yes, I’ve been to Russia once, I also visited Ukraine. In Russia I saw Moscow, the Capital of the country and I was very impressed with the City. It’s a very beautiful City and very friendly. I liked Red Square with The Kremlin and the beautiful Churches in the square. There are lots of monuments and museums there in Moscow.





It was interesting to see the old artillery guns used as monuments to commemorate the Second World War. Everywhere there is lots of history and a rich Culture.

– Would you like to visit Russia again one day?

– Definitely yes, because I would like to see St. Petersburg as well. So, when I improve my communicative skills I’ll go to see St. Petersburg, the old Russian Capital and one of the greatest historical cities in the world.

– Thank you, Gary. I wish you the very best in your studies and I hope that the Russian language will make your life a little different and more interesting.

Open opportunities





We met for the first time on the 28th of June 2013. That day Paddy decided to start learning the Russian language at Kalinka Language School. I was glad to have a new student at school.

Paddy told me that he was a musician and that he loved all kind of music. He plays in his own wedding band. He also told me that he was always interested in the Russian Culture and Russian Literature. Mikhail Bulgakov is his favourite Russian author and he has read lots of his books, such as ”A Country Doctor’s Notebook”, ”Master and Margarita”, ”Heart of a Dog”.


Like most of my students Paddy is planning to visit Russia one day and the Russian language would be a good tool for him when he is in the country. He is very successful at his studies, so I hope that soon he will be able to read the great Russian Novels in the original language and talk to the Russian people when he is in Russia. It is easier to understand the country and its people when you speak the same language.


A wonderful journey


31 January, 2013 two lovely ladies a mother and a daughter came for their first Russian class. They told me that they wanted to get some basics of Russian in order to communicate with their son’s  and brother’s future Russian wife. There are Anne and Seonaid, highly educated ladies, who know several foreign languages. They were very interested in studying the Russian language, very determined and accurate in every task they did.  They wanted to get their best results before they went to the wedding in summer.

Anne and Seonaid did a fantastic job and the wedding was wonderful and they were able to use some of Russian to talk to Russian people and Katya, their son’s and brother’s beautiful wife.

Today Anne and Seonaid are still attending classes in spite of some difficulties. Well done Anne and Seonaid!!! Now the ladies have another reason to develop the language further. They have been asked to visit their relatives in Russia next summer. So, they have another strong motivation to go forward with the language.

Every class with Anne and Seonaid is a great pleasure for me because they are such good and bright students, and they are also very good people.

I wish them the very best luck on this wonderful  journey! The journey of studying the language!

Turn a Dream into a Reality

site 2014 - 1 007

The first time I met Gillian was in 2011. She found me and we had the Russian classes that year. After some break we met again and Gillian told me that she wanted to continue to study the language. I was really glad to accept Gillian as a student again because I remembered that she was really good at her efforts to study the language.

Gillian is from a very big Irish family. I have to tell this because it was such a surprise for me, there are nine children in the family plus two loving parents, when in Russia families are not so big.  All the children are well trained and educated people and they are interested in different spheres of our life and one of them is languages.

site 2014 - 1 006Gillian told me that she wanted to speak the Russian language because she has always been interested in Russian culture and history, and, of course, she simply liked studying different  languages. She studied French when she was in College and now she is studying Russian to put into practice her dream: to see  St. Petersburg one day, which is, in her opinion, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. She also would like to travel by Trans Siberian train to see and find out more about Russia.


A ”secret Slav” with an Irish accent… 



Louis Student 003Why am I interested in the Russian language?

I have been interested in many aspects of Russian society, religion and culture, since 1975. Really, I am a “secret Slav” – with an Irish accent.
Have I ever been to Russia?
Yes. In 2008 I was able to visit Russia for the first time. I was on a work team, helping a Russian Christian charity convert an old log barn into a youth centre. It was a dream come true.
What prompted me to learn the Russian language?
I never thought about learning Russian, until I recently started reading the RUSSIA BEHIND THE HEADLINES web page. It revived my interest to follow all things Russian more closely. One story on that web page featured the Sochii Olympics. It stated that volunteers were needed to help there – but Russian would be required. A missed opportunity – but it got me thinking.
Why did I choose Irina, to learn Russian?
I chose Irina, over well-known academic institutions, because I didn’t know how good I would be at learning Russian. Also, I didn’t want to repeat childhood failures, falling behind in a class! So, I prefer one-on-one teaching. Irina is very patient with this school drop-out.
What do I want to do with my Russian (once I pluck up the courage to use it)?

I would like to translate some of my Russian themed poems into the Russian language. I would like to volunteer at The Hermitage Museum. I would like to work with any Russian Orthodox charity that could use me.


11.10.2013 00311.10.2013 004






Tina is a lovely Brazilian girl, who came to Ireland from Sao Paulo. She has been living in Dublin for 3 years and she works for Google where she is responsible for reviewing ad words.

Tina decided to study the Russian language when she met her Russian boyfriend, in order to speak to him and his family in Russian. Later she discovered that knowing the Russian language opens the door for her future prospects at work.

She thinks that the Russian language sounds a little bit similar to Portuguese, just the letters are different and it is not easy to memorize them.

Tina is improving with every class and I believe that one day she will be fluent in this language, the language of Great Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Turgenev…


Russian Language Class with Monica

Monica came to Ireland from Slovakia, a beautiful European country. She lives and works here in Ireland for some time and she is really enjoying it. Recently Monica went to Russia, to Moscow to take part in a Conference because of her work. She was really delighted to feel that she managed to talk to Russian people and use her knoweledge from the Russian classes. She had a good language practice there and she is going to continue her studies and develop the Russian language to a higher level when she is absolutely fluent. Good luck, dear Monica!


Russian for future prospects...


Conor is one of my students who has just recently started Russian classes for beginners. He is a student at UCD and this year is his first year at the university. Conor is studying Science. I like his attitude towards the language. He thinks that Russian language is a very important language for business and future prospects. That is why he decided to learn the language and it seems he is really enjoying it.


Russian Language Class with Rebecca

Six months ago Rebecca started studying Russian language from the ABC. Today this Irish girl can tell about her and her daily routine, about her family and her holiday in Russian. She also learned how to write using Cyrillic written letters. She’s done such a beautiful job on the language that I just want to praise her for her achievements!

The Russian class with my Irish student Owen

I love my job because when I see the results of my work and people start speaking a foreign language it’s just great! It’s like when you teach a baby to walk the first time or to speak. At first everything looks like strange and unclear, and step by step one is getting closer and closer to the language and with time it doesn’t look so difficult and strange. With time one just feels that you have to develop it by reading, speaking and writing, what my Irish student Owen does. He has done huge progress and he is continuing his studies. He manages to cope with any difficulties in the language. This is not easy and you have to be very strong and very persistent in achieving the goal, the main goal – to speak Russian well!

During the Russian class with Peter, Hungarian Student

Peter is such a bright student. He is studying Russian for some years. Recently he passed successfully his Russian Exam at Trinity College and got the Second Level in Russian as a foreign Language of Moscow Lomonosov State University. Congratulations Peter! Well done!


Russian class with French students Justine & Olivier

I was a little surprised when one day I’ve got a phone call from young French people, who wished to study Russian language. Of course, we started our Russian classes and step by step I found out that Justine and Olivie are fond of Russian Culture. Justine knows almost all names of famous Russian writers, musicians. She has read lots of books of Russian Classic Literature. She knows a lot about World Famous Russian Ballet and about Russian Culture in general.
So, they both now studying Russian for finding out more about the country and to visit it when they have a chance. Good Luck with your studies Justine and Olivier, and I really hope that one day you are in
St. Petersburg, or Moscow, or Novgorod, or… enjoying the country with 1000 years history!

Preparation for the Russian Exam (Lithuanian girl Evelina)

Today I had an interesting Russian class with my Lithuanian student. She is preparing for her Leaving Cert Russian Exam. She is a brilliant girl who speaks four foreign languages and Russian is one of them. She was so enthusiastic today analyzing the novel of the great Russian classic Mikhail Lermontov ”Geroy Nashego Vremeni” (”A Hero of Our Time”).
I was watching her and thought that until we have such young people like Evelina, who is interested in the world literature and manage to read books the original language, our world will be a wonderful place to live and communicate with each other, and it doesn’t matter in what country we live in. When you know the language of the country this country becomes more familiar and understandable. Let’s learn the languages to understand each other better! Let’s learn Russian to understand Russia with its great history and culture!

Mary-Jane during her Russian Class

Mary-Jane studied Russian language in Russia for some time as she lived and worked there. Now she is in Ireland and she doesn’t want to lose her knowledge of the language, so she is continuing to study Russian language. Every day she is better and better in expressing her thoughts in Russian. This is really nice. When you feel an improvement this is the best reward!

Work, fun and joy



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