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It’s the ideal online solution for anyone wanting to learn the language for work, travel, or personal reasons.

• A fun and easy way to learn Russian language
• You do not need to move from your home or office; I call you by SKYPE
• You study regularly with experienced teacher
• Lessons are personalised according to your level, objectives, and focus of interest
• Flexible lesson times to fit your schedule
• Get instant feedback on your pronunciation
• You can continue your lessons even if you change the country

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Russian Classes with Andrew O’Grady

I started learning Russian in University as an extra subject. I studied it for a year and always meant to go back to it. After I visited Russia last year I decided to return to the language back in Dublin as having a little background in the language was very helpful in Russia. Also my company at the time had an office in Moscow and another in Almaty, Kazakhstan, so I thought Russian would be a useful language for my work as an environmental consultant. I contacted Irina and started classes a week later.

Doing individual classes in Russian is very helpful as the language is quite complex so you can get more attention. While the language is difficult it is also very rewarding to learn if you persevere. A few months ago I got a new job in Sligo so I now do classes with Irina via Skype, which is different than face to face but still a good way to learn the language.


Russian class via Skype with Conor from Ireland, who lives and works in The Netherlands at the moment


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“Irina is an excellent Russian language tutor and builds clients confidence and skills through one to one language classes delivered via Skype”

Gary Egan ( student)


A Russian Language class via Skype with Cristian, from Spain

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Cristian is working for Google in Dublin. He is studying the Russian language with me and normally he has alive Russian classes. When he travels because of his work we have distant Russian classes with him. So, modern technologies let us to study non-stop what is really helpful in the process of mastering the language.


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