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International DayOur Teacher:

• Will hold weekly Russian classes for children in Dublin from September, 2018

• Junior & Leaving Cert Examinations in the Russian Language catered for.

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Change your child’s life with the power of language

Children have an amazing natural ability to learn language – any language.

Taking advantage of childhood to introduce your child to a second language has many benefits. Researchers have linked important cognitive benefits to learning a second language as a child. These include improved thinking and analytical skills and higher test scores across a number of subjects. Many experts have also written about the greater proficiency and speaking skills achieved by those who learn a second language in childhood.

Learning another language is also a bridge to another culture and a doorway to a larger world. A second language provides new ways to look at the world and sets the foundation for new opportunities. Authorities like the Center for Applied Linguistics report that children who learn another language will benefit from lifelong enhanced communication skills, cross-cultural awareness and a brighter future in the globalized world of tomorrow.

 Milan and Melisa. At the Russian language class.








Vanya and Arthur

During the Russian language class with my lovely boys Vanya and Arthur. They attending St. Lorens O’Tools CBS Brothers School in Dublin.

Vanya is 8 years old and Arthur is 10 years old. The boys seem enjoying to learn the Russian language.They think that it is great to speak the language  which is so rare and exotic in Ireland.

Melisa and Milan

My  new students Milan and Melisa recently started studying the Russian language. Milan is 7 years old boy and Melisa 6 years old girl. They are brother and sister. Their parents came to Ireland from Latvia in 2005 and Milan and Melisa were born already in Dublin. In Kristina’s family (children’s mother) everybody spoke two languages: Russian and Latvian. That is why mother wants her children would also know the Russian language. Kristina says that the Russian language is very beautiful and the Russian literature is amazing! Milan and Melisa are really enjoying their Russian classes and they already have very good results. I am so glad that the children who were born in Ireland will be able to save the languages of their parents.




A.S. Pushkin


We started from the Alphabet

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Markas is 14 years old Lithuanian boy who is recently began to study the Russian language. His Mum and Dad think that the Russian language is getting more and more popular in the world and one day it might be very useful for the future of their son.

Markas likes learning the Russian language. Every class he tries his best. After a short period of time he learned all the Russian Alphabet and now he can read small texts and knows lots of Russian words, and we are able to create small dialogues in Russian.

Markas takes it seriously and I am glad to help him to learn and develop the language, which might bring him a brighter future prospects.


I love Moscow even more than New – York


Seimos vakariene 004

Cassandre was born in St. Jean de Braye in France. When she was 8 years old her family moved to Russia. They lived in Moscow for 4 years. Cassandre and her brother Timothee went to a French school there and they studied all the compulsory subjects and one of them was the Russian language. Cassandre told me that she really enjoyed studying Russian because she had lots of Russian friends there and she wanted to talk to them. There were not only French children but Russian as well in her school.

Seimos vakariene 007Seimos vakariene 009


Cassandre is 13 years old now and she lives in Ireland but she doesn’t want to forget the Russian language that is why she has her Russian course. She has good memories



about Moscow. She says: ” I love Moscow even more than New-York”. It is maybe because she lived there and still has friends there and the City is beautiful. ”Moscow is my home” she says and smiles…




Seimos vakariene 018


Timothee is a lovely French boy, he is Cassandre’s brother. He is 10 years old. Thimothee studied the Russian language in Moscow and he is enjoying having his classes here in Ireland.  Timothee says: ” I love the Russian language, football and  drawing”. When I asked him to draw something special about Russia he drew one of the most famous Church in Russia Saint Basil’s Cathedral, which is on the Red Square in Moscow.

Seimos vakariene 019


Certificate of honor to Alexander Kurtish and Arthur Lyngis from the Ambassador of Russian Federation  Mr.M.A.Peshkov for outstanding   achievements in the study of Russian Language, Russian Culture and History.

Certificate of honor to Anton Archipov from the Ambassador of Russian Federation  Mr.M.A.Peshkov for outstanding   achievements in the study of Russian Language, Russian Culture and History.

Russian language class with Anton

Recently we were doing exercises together with Anton and he had to answer the questions what or whom he loves. He said: ”I love my Mum. I love my Dad.” Then he thought for a while and added: ” I love Russian language.” This was really nice.
Anton is a bright Russian speaking boy, who is studying Russian because he wants to know the language of his Mum. He wants to be highly educated by speaking several foreign languages and, of course, he wants to know his own native language very well, written and spoken.
Anton makes such a big effort to achieve this with a great support of his Mum and Dad.

Alex and  Arthur during the Russian class.

These boys have been studying Russian language for three years at Kalinka Language School. They’ve made great improvement in the knoweledge of Russian grammar. Now, when they write new dictations or do written tasks, they do less and less mistakes, what is really great!


The 1-st of September

Russian class with Christopher

Natasha is learning how to read Russian syllables

Christmas Party at our school


Russian New Year Song for children

“Russian To The Kitchen” Kids Cookbook

A cookbook full of delicious recipes, new and old, that have been tried and tested by the author Alex, aged 12 years! Alex was born in Russia. He has a great passion for cooking, and loves cooking dishes from other countries, especially Russia.

All proceeds from this book go to The Children of Russia Fund, a charity set up by families in Ireland that have adopted children from Russia. Their aim is to provide resources to help children in Russian orphanages who are left without parental care and for legal reasons will not be adopted. See

The cookbook costs €12 (including p+p). Order by email at or by telephone at 087 9786086 (from outside Ireland +353 87 9786086)



















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